We also offer some passenger transport on the “Camino de Santiago”.
Express Bourricot wants to be a carpooling company.
We try to make groups to share the price and make them accessible to everybody.
Each transport must be booked in advance by email. Our transport regulation requires to have a written booking at least 15minutes before the transfer. We are not allowed to take reservations by phone.
You can pay in cash or in french check upon arrival. We may ask for a deposit in some cases. If you want to pay by credit card, it is only possible through internet until 3 days before the transfer. Please request the payment link if you want to pay by credit card.

From Biarritz Airport to St Jean Pied De Port

(valid for Biarritz train station or Bayonne train station as well)
You will find all the details of this transport by clicking here
We do daily transport from Biarritz Airport to St Jean Pied de Port. It is a kind of carpooling system: we do our best to make groups.

Price: from 19€ to 130€, depending on the number of passengers.

If you arrive with a flight from Dublin or from London during those periods: from April 20th to June 10th and from August 20th to September 30th , we advise you to book in advance. We are often fully booked.

Others transports of passengers

  • From St Jean Pied De Port to Roncesvalles: prices from 12€ to 48€
  • Return of people to their car parked in Aire sur l’Adour, Condom, Navarrenx, etc …
  • We drive to the train stations and airports as Lourdes, Pau, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Pamplona, Bilbao, etc …

“A nice tip”: Look at our “Last Minute” on the home page and fill in the free seat of the existing transport to take advantage of competitive rates.

Examples of prices (per person)

De St Jean Pied de Port à : Si 1 pers: Si 4 pers: Si 8 pers:
Biarritz 130 € 33€ 19 €
Roncevaux (any time) 55 € 15 € 15 €
Pau (Airport) 190€ 48€ 36€
Navarrenx 108€ 36€ 21 €
Aire/ L’adour 284€ 71€ 54€
Lourdes (Airport) 290€ 72€ 56€
Bilbao 350€ 88€ 67€

 The Mountain Shuttle

An help for the walk from St Jean pied de port to Roncesvalles.
Every morning and afternoon, a shuttle runs from St Jean pied de port to go to La Croix Thibault, passing by the “Route Napoleon”. You can choose your stop according to your physical capacity and your desire.

Why to use it ?

  • You think that you can’t walk the whole stage from St Jean pied de Port to Roncesvalles. This service shorten this stage.
  • You want to walk this stage in 2 days, but the refuge of Orisson is fully booked, or you would prefer to sleep in one hotel of St Jean pied de Port instead of Orisson. You can Go & Back with us. Day 1 : you walk from St Jean pied de Port to the Virgen of Orisson. At 14h40, we pick up you there and we go down to St Jean PP. Day 2 : at 08h30, we transport you back to the Virgen and you can walk to Roncesvalles.


Schedule, booking and prices

Departure at 08h30 from the tourist office of St Jean Pied de port, arrival at 09h15 at La Croix Thibault. Departure at 09h20 from La Croix Thibault, arrival at 10h00 in St Jean pied de Port.
Departure at 14h00 from the tourist office of St Jean Pied de port, arrival at 14h30 at La Virgen. Departure at 14h40 from La Virgen, arrival at 15h15 in St Jean pied de Port. We advice to stop at the “Vierge” because it is half way: 4hours to there from SJPP, and 4 hours to Roncesvalles.

Reservations required. In advance by email or in our office (N° 31, Rue de la Citadelle, next to the Pilgrim’s Office, from march 13th to october 20th, from 07h00 to 9h00 in the morning, and from 16h00 to 20h00 in the afternoon 19h00 on Sundays) FROM OCTOBER 15, the office will be closed on Saturday and Sundays . In the limit of space. Prices from 3 passengers.

From / To Refuge of Huntto Refuge of Orisson Vierge d’Orisson Croix Thibault
Tourism office 6 € 8 € 11 € 15 €
Refuge of Huntto X 4 € 7 € 11 €
Refuge of Orisson X X 6 € 10 €